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Reach & Treat it

Where the arof scar care has been refined to an unparalleled simplicity. Your vitality and wellness stand at the core of our mission. From inception, our unwavering aim has been to democratize
scar tissue treatment,
ensuring it's
within everyone's reach.
Today, with pride, we affirm that we've not only met but exceeded that goal.

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The Experts

Delve into the wisdom of experienced experts who endorse our tool and truly comprehend the pivotal importance of addressing every facet of scar tissue. In their own practices, dedication revolves around guiding their clients out of the grip of pain, rather than settling for surface-level relief. Embark on a path of discovery as you uncover the potent methodologies they employ, igniting an urgent call within you to take proactive steps for lasting well-being with scarPRO.


James Waslaski

"Compared to the competitors at $2000-3000, Every therapist should have this in their toolbox."



The above image was part of our small study. This was the moment we knew we were going to make a difference in scar sufferers lives. You can see clearly with ultrasound imaging after 1 minute of treatment with scarPRO the change made to the fibrotic tissue.

Our Team.

Matthew and Murphy, two brothers, have forged an unbreakable alliance. Their extraordinary teamwork and unwavering bond serve as a symbol of hope and resilience.

Growing up, Matthew and Murphy realized that their unique strengths complemented each other perfectly. They both excel in innovation and strategy, and possess a deep sense of empathy and connection.

Their mission was clear: to revolutionize their community through inventive solutions. Together, they harnessed their determination, resilience, and visionary thinking.

What distinguishes them is their seamless understanding of each other, allowing them to tackle challenges with grace and precision, with creating groundbreaking inventions, and envisioning more ahead such as leading technological initiatives, or addressing local issues with innovative solutions.

Their dedication knows no bounds. To start they've initiated scarPRO to develop a cutting-edge scar tissue treatment with their aim at improving the lives of others with future inventions, creating opportunities for healing and empowerment.

Matthew and Murphy's alliance is extraordinary, and they have even greater plans for the future. They believe that, with their community's support, they can continue to innovate and create a brighter, more health conscious future with less effort for all.

In a world marked by division, Matthew and Murphy stand as a beacon of unity, brotherhood, and unwavering commitment to a common purpose. Their alliance, stronger than diamond, is an inspiration and a promise of better days through innovation, benefitting people eventually worldwide with groundbreaking tools and solutions.

Setting out in 2006, Matt embarked on a journey ceaselessly amplifying his expertise and pioneering advanced pain management methods in bodywork. Fueled by an unquenchable curiosity, he relentlessly aims to outperform expectations, embodying his commitment. Proficient in Neuromuscular techniques, structural assessment, and orthopedic testing, he's a virtuoso at unraveling pain's complexities. Alongside his personal healing odyssey, Matt's inventive prowess shines through as the creator of a scar tool, propelling him to his present stature. With an audacious vision of revolutionizing massage, he aspires to secure a coveted place in the Massage Hall of Fame, deeply humbled by the chance to ignite impactful change.

With over a decade in Data and Analytics, this professional, equipped with a degree in microbiology, has led multi-million dollar projects and managed cross-functional teams, supporting thousands of users, leaders, and entrepreneurs. He has been a principle in Business Intelligence, Analytic Engineering, and Data Engineering across medical device, pharmaceutical, and solar industries; driving strategic objectives. He bridges the gap between tech and business, while also boasting a diverse range of personal interests and talents from ballet to handyman to fly fishing. Through being ground in Jesus, he thrives on surpassing expectations and seeking understanding from all God’s people.

What could we improve?

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